Doctors Hours


8.30am-12.30pm   Drs Bray, Riddle, Gabbott, Thomas, Partlin, Duong & Tompson

9.15am-12.30pm Dr France

2.00pm-6.00pm      Drs Bray, Gabbott, Thomas, Duong, Tompson & Partlin (till 4pm)


8.30am-12.30pm   Drs Gabbott, Thomas, Petersen, Partlin, Tompson

10.00am-12.30pm     Dr France

2.00pm-4.00pm Dr Partlin (till 5pm)

2.00pm-6.00pm      Drs France, Petersen, Gabbott, Tompson & Thomas (alt weeks)


8.30am-12.30pm    Drs Bray, Riddle, Thomas, Gorringe, Gabbott, Duncan-Brown

2.00pm-5.00pm Drs Bray, Gabbott, Gorringe, Thoma, Duncan-Brown


8.30am-12.30pm   Drs France, Gabbott, Thomas, Petersen, Duong & Tompson

2.00pm-6.00pm       Drs Thomas, Riddle, Duong & Tompson


8.15-11.30 Dr Petersen

10.00-12.30pm Dr Gabbott

8.30am-12.30pm     Drs Bray, Riddle, Partlin, Duncan-Brown & Tompson

2.00pm-6pm          Drs Partlin, Tompson, Duncan-Brown & Bray (till 5pm)


8.30am-12noon         Drs Thomas, Petersen, Partlin, Magiros, & Tompson (rostered).

Most Saturdays we now have 2 doctors consulting. Generally we like to keep these Saturday appointments for people who are sick on the day and for workers who cannot attend for routine appointments during the week.