Appointments & Fees


We have a “two-tiered” appointment system as follows:-

  1. SAME-DAY” appointments – we have several slots free, each morning and afternoon session, for acute illnesses only.  We hope that anyone with a problem that needs to be seen “same day” will always be accommodated.  Urgent cases and sick children will receive priority.
  2. ELECTIVE” appointments – these are planned visits, such as health checks, follow-ups, and attendances for repeat prescriptions and specialist referrals.  These appointments may need to be booked with several days notice, and for our system to work we would ask for your understanding in this matter.  Please note that a consultation is usually necessary for specialist referral letters and repeat prescriptions.

The standard appointment time is ten minutes; a long or “double” consultation requires a twenty-minute appointment.  The doctors time all consultations and fees are calculated according to the time devoted to a consultation.

Our doctors devote as much time as a patient requires to effectively meet their needs.  This means that delays will unavoidably occur on occasions, as our priority is quality of care.  Our receptionist will try to contact you if there are significant delays, and always feel free to phone us close to your appointment time to see how your doctor is running for time.

You can help to minimise delays by requesting a “double” appointment if you have a multiple or complex problems, or require a check-up such as a pap smear.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer it to someone else.

Fee Policy

At Burraneer Family Practice, we strive to provide personalised family medicine. This involves spending time with our patients and a commitment to thoroughness. The doctors in this practice see an average 3 to 4 patients per hour. We believe we provide a quality alternative to the “high turnover”, bulk billing clinics in this area. We discount our fees for pensioners, all children and the over 75s. Childhood immunisations, veterans and antenatal shared care visits are bulk billed. For families with more than one sick child seen on the same day, subsequent children will be bulk billed. By reducing our fees in these ways we believe our policy is fair but please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties.